Map of Südtirol
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70.7 K2019-10-13 14:35:42
Südtirol 4.60 Setup.exe
Installation for Windows for actual
MapSource and BaseCamp (up to version 4.6.2)
or MapInstall (up to version 4.0.4).
Not required if GMAP format was downloaded.
41.4 M2019-10-13 14:26:50
Südtirol 460.gmap.zip
GMAP format for Windows and Mac with actual
BaseCamp / MapInstall.
Not required if Windows setup was downloaded.
43.4 M2019-10-13 14:25:46
For users without access to Mapsource or
Basecamp / Mapinstall:
To be copied to device/SD-folder 'Garmin' (remove
former versions).
Not required if Windows setup or GMAP is used.
47.8 M2019-10-13 14:32:16

Map Toolkit (MapTk)

Version 4.4.2 of MapTk (2020-02-07)
History and more details see here: English or Deutsch

Map of Südtirol

Version 4.60 of map (2019-10-13)

Contact: MapTk

BaseCamp 4.7.0 and MapInstall 4.2.0 are not able to transfer registry based maps (IMG format) into the GPS device. Use the GMAP format instead.
BaseCamp 4.7.1 and MapInstall 4.2.1 can install both formats of maps.

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